13 August, 2010

Kaiko: A Week of Start and Stop.

Activity has been sporadic this week. My minor accomplishments seem to come in fits and starts, with the rest of my time peppered with extended periods of non-activity. In spite of this, I feel like I have gotten some things done, thanks to the help of others.

I had spent three days running between Valkurm camps, waiting for an opportunity to grab the magicked skull. I tried repeatedly, wandering the Dunes pop point after dark to solo the Ghouls there, only to find three and have one of those pulled before I could reach it. No drop. Thankfully, I happened to hear on the linkshell that someone was offering to escort to Gusgen. I had already tried soloing there as well, but... there were clusters of Skeleton Warriors who I couldn't take en masse, and the Ghouls I could find on their own were too tough. So, we met up and headed for Gusgen.

...it didn't take long at all, or many Ghouls at all, before I finally got my magicked skull! Thanks to this little guy's generosity, I could start on my first subjob! I asked him if I could return the favor, and as it turned out he needed a Carbuncle's Ruby, so we headed immediately for Selbina. I turned in my quest items to unlock the subjob ability, and talked to the Explorer Moogle to warp to Mhaura...

...those little leeches were pretty stubborn, but after a while they finally gave up what we needed. At that point, I decided it would be a good time to rest, and my partner agreed.

Later on, I went home to swap jobs and become a Warrior, and went through the newbie motions again until I hit level 15. Took a little while once I hit 13, but with two decent parties in the Dunes, I was good to go back to Monk. The subjob made a huge difference, both in being more resilient and having those extra Abilities. The effort was starting to pay off...

At this point, I made the decision to try to reach Jeuno on foot. It ended up being much more harrowing than I had expected. First, I had no means of affording any Silent Oil or Prism Powder, and the zones I had to cross were not only big, but the paths were windy and required repeated switchbacks. The creatures were all big and super tough! I was too scared to take any pictures, I just ran...

...someone must have been watching over me, because I made it to Jeuno alive. It's really busy here! After exploring the city with my jaw flapping in the breeze, I decided I'd better prepare for the new XP farming area, Qufim. I stopped by the Auction House and upgraded my gear.


Apparently, I also have an apartment here that I didn't know about. Hope I can afford the rent!

I decided that, in addition to leveling with my shell mates, I should go about getting that Chocobo License. Checking the Auction House, I found only 3 of the 4 Gausebit Grass I needed to acquire the license... it looks like this would take a while. Well, I went to the stables and began the quest, getting through the wounded chocobo's first two feedings (both of which he refused!) in about 10 minutes. Since I would have to wait to feed him again, it was time for my first trip to Qufim.

Luckily for me, a lot of my linkshell members were also using these grounds to train, so parties were not too hard to put together. It's cold here! My legs are freezing!

Don't get me wrong, some times the pickings were slim, and we ended up with some pretty crappy teammates. There was this pair of foul-mouthed kids with underleveled subjobs and outdated gear who were abrasive and ignorant. That party didn't last long...

After a day or two of working in Qufim, without any food, my Signet long since expired... I finally found my last Gausebit Grass! I ran as fast as I could to the chocobo stables and fed the wounded chocobo for the last time. Chocobo License! Time to head home to Bastok (feeling much safer now) to take care of some errands I had been postponing.

What a great feeling, riding a chocobo!

Being broke, though... not a good feeling at all. \( TдT)/

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