08 August, 2010

Akuruhi: the First Weekend!

Soundtrack for today: Masashi Hamauzu's "Vielen Dank".

Early on in the day it was pretty quiet in Valkurm, so I decided to head back home to pick up a few magical maps that I had been missing. On the way there, I got a tell from a Prophecy member who made the drop-off of my first Linkshell Pearl! Yeah!

I collected a few grand from completed auctions and stopped in at home to say 'hi' to my Moogle. It doesn't really feel homey yet, but it's still a relaxing retreat. Boy, is he cute.

I headed back to the Dunes only to find that all my compatriots were on the other side of the map. It was way too dangerous to try to make it across! Thankfully for me, after a couple of failed attempts, someone came to grant me safe passage to the meeting place...

It was time for my first party. We synced levels at 16 and headed for our camping location. It seemed like things were busy without being too busy, but we really didn't have to wait to pull so I'm guessing we were making good time. Anyway, we had a great little group (at least I thought so), and we got some EXP chains going. That was pretty cool, though my understanding of it is still pretty basic.Things didn't always go smoothly, however...

Those guys laying down on the job were actually pretty awesome, and probably took the bullet for my inadequacy as a newbie. Go on, you two!

Anyway, we kept at it for a while and there were a few 'Level Up!'s along the way. It was a lot of fun playing with these guys; great support, and I learned a little about what not to do in Dunes groups.

Later on our group got shuffled around, and shortly thereafter I had to say 'goodbye'. I'm glad to have met these other adventurers. Life still seems to be bustling in Vana'diel.

Thanks again, everyone! Hope to see you soon.

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