09 August, 2010

Zasetsu: It Was a Rough Day

I began the day working on my Valkurm Fields of Valor assignments, but quickly realized I had forgotten to empty my pack from the kills I made in Konschtat on the way to the Dunes. I decided to head back...

...which was really most of what I did today: ran back and forth between Valkurm and Bastok. I seriously spent hours just in transit. Frustrating.

I finally unloaded my stuff, but my auctions weren't moving like they used to. After resetting prices, I went to the Conquest Overseer to start the Gustaberg Supply Quest. It took about ten minutes to get to the Outpost, and that was it: my first Warp point!

Afterwards, I went back to the Dunes to finally restart Page 1 of the Valkurm Field Manual. Found my first target, and within ten seconds another Hill Lizard spawned and linked... it didn't look good. I polished off the first, fired up Dodge and headed for the Zone exit. I made it all the way to the black screen... only to reappear in Valkurm dead!

So bright!

It wasn't long after that we got a group going, but without a tank we were forced to chain pull in Konschtat. It was still good fun.

Our fearless leader got a couple tells from some elite friends of his and so we were headed back to Valkurm to brave the bats, lizards, and goblins. I was leveled enough for do the subjob quest, but without the items needed to unlock the ability... all I could do was keep leveling.

Finally, after all that leveling help, we had some replacements arrive who also needed their subjob items. We headed to the oasis, and, finding it deserted [get it?], we camped for some time.

Now... there was this Tarutaru who was tanking for us as a Ninja, who was apparently doing a pretty poor job. I couldn't tell the difference, but eventually he ate the dust of the Dunes and just laid there for what must have been 20 minutes. The party leads decided to boot him and he disappeared...

Well, shortly thereafter I committed my first party blunder by pulling when I didn't see the other Monk pulling. This was the result:

Needless to say, I have much to learn about: effective party communication; observing my surroundings; and timing my movements. I have so far to go...

...anyway, if you take note of that photo there is a little guy standing in the midst of us... that is our little buddy, the bad-tanking Ninja. He proceeded to praise the creatures that pummeled us, and once we were raised, pull all of the creatures we needed so that we couldn't get the items for the subjob quest. It was actually pretty funny, but we filed a grievance with Support anyway.

I also met a really cute Kunoichi who acted as our puller. I hope I'm that cool when I become a Ninja.

In the end, I got two of the three items I needed... I still need the magicked skull of a Ghoul. I don't have high hopes about finding a party for this one, but I'm way more leveled than I need to be, and I'm over being a Monk. Maybe I could solo it?

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